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Choir Microphone

Shure CVO Installed Sound Overhead Microphone

Tailored frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients above choirs and other ensembles CommShield? Technology that guards against unwanted RF interference from portable wireless devices (smartphones, etc.) and high resistance to intense nearby radio signals Superior Shure design and rugged, dependable construction

Shure TwinPlex TL47 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone

With a variety of colors and connectors, the TL47 is ideal for nearly any application Twice the surface area of other subminiature microphones for pristine, natural response and robust low-frequency response due to the patent pending dual-diaphragm design Improved off-axis consistency yields accurate reproduction regardless of vocal source position or movement Best-in-class low self-noise and dynamic range for cleaner audio production Interchangeable sweat- and moisture-resistant frequency caps prevent sweat-outs due to an invisible syperhydrophobic nanoscopic coating Paintable 1.6 mm cable that is immune to memory effect and kinks Dual redundant ground in cable serves as secondary shield for longevity Sound signature: Natural Sensitivity: Low Colors: White, Tan, Cocoa, Black Connectors: LEMO, MTQG/TA4F, MicroDot, XLR/Preamp, NC (bare wire) Accessories: Available with or without accessories
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