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Aquarian SK10-22 Super-Kick 10 Two-Ply Clear Bass Drum Head

  • Bass drumhead with an intense attack
  • Narrow felt muffle ring offers tight low-end punch

Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply TC14

Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply TC14 drumheads are perfect for drummers who want a warm, full-bodied sound with just the right amount of attack. These drumheads are versatile and can be used for a variety of genres including rock, pop, and jazz. The TC14 drumhead is a 14 inch single ply drumhead that is ideal […]

Aquarian TRP14 14-Inch Triple Threat Snare Batter Head

  • Triple Ply Technology
  • Three plies of 7mil Nu-Brite
  • Patented Z-100 Coated Head
  • Features unique Safe-T-Lock Hoop and Sound-Curve Collar
  • Well suited for Hard Rock and Metal

Headhunters Bandits Drumstick

Bandits use the same format as the Bundles and Bushwhackers however polypropylene rods are substituted. These offer another sound scape and feel and are very flexible and durable.

Headhunters Bead Balls Drumstick

Bead Balls are 10 small poly balls set inside a hole-filled high impact outer ball. This combination is mounted onto a light-weight drum stick. Many attempts have been made to create a shaker drumstick with enclosed balls however this muffles the sound and any rattling or shake sound is further muted by the interaction with […]

Headhunters Bear Claws Drumstick

Bear Claws create some unique sound possibilities. The poly material is molded at the playing to produce a 90-degree bend. The “claws” are 1 inches in length. They can be used to create cool scratch effects on coated heads. The claws increase the attach and definition on both cymbals and drums. Flipping the claws over […]

Headhunters Beavertails Drumstick

Beavertails are simpler version of the Sawtooth. The resilient and flexible polyethylene can produce a loud slap sound and multiple rebounds like the Sawtooth.

Headhunters Bing-Bongs Drumstick

Bing Bongs use the popular Doobies and Blunt double cut centre dowel concept. The Bing Bongs are white and black alternating polypropylene strands surrounding a 7/16 inch centre dowel. The centre dowel is a premium birch, it is double cut down to the ?sweet spot?. This concept allows the end to compress and open as […]

Headhunters Blunts Drumstick

Incorporate similar playing features as the Spliffs and Doobies. Excellent rebound! The centre core is comprised of a North American 7/16 diameter birch dowel, double cut down to the “sweet spot” which allows the dowel to compress and open adding bounce and enhancing its performance characteristics. This core is then surrounded by 8 bamboo slats. […]

Headhunters Bundles Drumstick

We use the solid wood handle from our B Series stick. Bundles have 12 birch rods inserted into a metal band at the drumstick handle end. The movable “O” ring on the dowels can be positioned to offer different sound and feel options

Headhunters Bushwhackers Drumstick

Bushwhackers use the same format as the Bundles however bamboo dowels are substituted in place of the birch. These offer a slight different sound and feel and are a little more durable.

Headhunters Buzz Rods Drumstick

14″ (355mm) long flexible PolyRod Dowels. Soft, comfortable VinylFlex handles ensure a positive, confident grip. The sliding band allows for fine-tuning the sound and touch of BuzzRods from tightly closed to wide open and almost brush-like.
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