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The Aquarian Response 2 is a Clear, two-ply head manufactured with Aquarian’s multi-ply vacuum tuned process that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles from between the two 7mil plies.  Our most versatile two-ply head, the Response 2 series delivers a full sound with great attack and consistent tone from drum to drum.


Use Cases: Explore the world of versatile drumming with the Aquarian Response 2 Clear Drumhead. Whether you’re a dedicated drummer seeking a full sound, great attack, and consistent tone, or a professional musician aiming to enhance your drumming across various musical situations, this drumhead is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional quality, elevating your drumming experience.

Key Features: Immerse yourself in the realm of versatile drum sound with the Response 2 Clear Drumhead. Crafted with precision, this two-ply drumhead showcases Aquarian’s multi-ply vacuum tuned process™, ensuring the elimination of air bubbles and wrinkles between the two 7mil plies. The result is a drumhead that delivers a full sound, great attack, and consistent tone across all your drums.

Specifications: The Response 2 Clear Drumhead is designed for both tight and loose tensioning, offering a clean, open sound with an articulate attack. Whether you’re playing in a studio, on stage, or in various musical settings, this drumhead adapts to your playing style while maintaining its superior sound quality.

Versatility and Professional Performance: Aquarian’s commitment to quality shines through in the Response 2 Clear Drumhead. Its versatility makes it a popular choice among professional drummers who require a drumhead that excels in various musical situations. The multi-ply vacuum molding process™ ensures consistent performance and an exceptional drumming experience.

Available Options: The Response 2 Clear Drumhead is available in clear and white or black coated versions, providing you with the option to customize your drum sound further. The optional power dot enhances focus and durability, catering to your unique preferences and playing style.

Availability: Upgrade your drum sound by purchasing the Aquarian Response 2 Clear Drumhead from ShowGearOnline stores or our physical store in Windhoek, Namibia. If you’re in Nigeria, our international offices in Lagos & Abuja offer convenient access. Experience versatile drumming with exceptional quality and elevate your drum performance effortlessly.




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