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Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply 22inches


The Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply Drumhead (10″) epitomizes the synergy between professional tone and lasting durability. Crafted as a single ply construction, it resonates with a balanced and clear tone, while the textured coating enhances the drumhead’s playability. The result is an optimal drumhead that responds impeccably to various playing techniques and nuances.


Key Features: The Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply Drumhead offers a perfect blend of professional sound and optimal playability. The single ply construction ensures a balanced and resonant tone, while the textured coating adds a layer of playability, enabling precise articulation and control during your performances.

Precision and Playability: The textured coating of this drumhead contributes to improved playability, allowing drummers to achieve the desired attack and response from their drums. The result is a drumhead that responds well to various playing styles and techniques, enhancing the nuances of your drumming performance.

Technical Excellence and Quality: Crafted with Aquarian’s commitment to technical excellence, the Texture Coated Single Ply Drumhead is designed to meet the demands of professional drummers while providing an accessible option for musicians of all skill levels.

Availability: Elevate your drumming experience with the Aquarian Texture Coated Single Ply Drumhead. Discover professional sound quality and enhanced playability by acquiring this exceptional drum accessory from ShowGearOnline stores or our physical store in Windhoek, Namibia. For customers in Nigeria, our international offices in Lagos & Abuja provide convenient access. Elevate your drum’s performance with Aquarian quality today.




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