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Headhunters Maple Wood Tip 5A Drumsticks are a versatile and reliable option for drummers looking for a lightweight, balanced, and affordable pair of sticks. With a medium taper, oval tip, and a comfortable grip, these sticks are perfect for a variety of playing styles, including rock, jazz, and pop.

Made from high-quality maple wood, these drumsticks offer a warm and full sound that is perfect for any drum set. The lightweight design makes them easy to handle, allowing for fast and precise playing without sacrificing power or volume.

The Headhunters Maple Wood Tip 5A Drumsticks are also incredibly durable, making them an excellent choice for drummers who demand reliability and longevity from their sticks. The maple wood construction provides a great balance of flexibility and strength, which means they can withstand the rigors of frequent playing and won’t easily break or splinter.

One of the standout features of these drumsticks is their comfortable grip. The smooth finish and ergonomic shape of the handle make them easy to hold and play for long periods without causing hand fatigue or discomfort. The grip also provides excellent control over the sticks, allowing for precise and accurate playing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drummer, the Headhunters Maple Wood Tip 5A Drumsticks are a top-rated choice that won’t disappoint. They offer a high-performance experience at an affordable price and are suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.


Size: 5A
Material: Maple wood
Tip shape: Oval
Taper: Medium
Grip: Smooth
Length: 16 inches
Weight: 1.44 ounces
Made in the USA
Technology Used:
Headhunters Drumsticks are designed with a combination of traditional and modern technology. The maple wood construction and shape are based on traditional drumstick designs, while the smooth grip and lightweight construction are the result of modern engineering and design techniques.

In summary, Headhunters Maple Wood Tip 5A Drumsticks offer a perfect blend of traditional and modern design, resulting in a high-performance drumstick that is versatile, reliable, and affordable. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced drummer, these sticks are an excellent choice for any style of music or playing level.




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