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ADJ Scene Setter 24

Take your shows to the next level with the essential Scene Setter from ADJ. This 24 channel dimming console will give you the power to create the light show of a lifetime. Tying in your audio and visual production, the scene setter synchronizes the music with your lights and fog machine while also allowing for individual adjustment to each of your lights with it’s 24 adjustable fade bars. With 4200 programmable scenes and 48 programmable chases (all password protected) you can rest easy that your unique set-up is kept secure while it runs 12 chases simultaneously. Adjust your fixtures in either percentage or DMX value to get the dimming effect desired. With its low weight and bright LCD display you’ll have no trouble moving this controller where it’s needed and getting it set up. Master your entire entertainment system with the ADJ Scene Setter DMX Dimming Console, and create a light show your crowd won’t forget.


ADJ Scene Setter 24 is a professional-level lighting control console designed for both novice and advanced users in the entertainment industry. It is a highly versatile tool that helps you program and execute stunning light shows, whether for small performances, theaters, or larger events.

Use Cases:
The Scene Setter 24 is perfect for controlling your lighting equipment, including LED lights, PAR cans, moving heads, and more. It can be used for various applications, such as DJ events, concerts, stage productions, theatrical performances, churches, and other live events. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lighting technician, the Scene Setter 24 provides intuitive control over the lighting environment to help you create stunning light shows.

The Scene Setter 24 is a 24 channel DMX controller that allows you to control up to 24 fixtures with 32 DMX channels each, for a total of 768 DMX channels. It features 24 faders for manual control, allowing you to create your light show by manipulating the individual faders to achieve the desired lighting effects. The Scene Setter 24 also has a master fader and a blackout button, allowing you to fade the lights in and out and control the overall output of the light show.

The Scene Setter 24 is equipped with MIDI input and output, allowing it to be used in combination with other MIDI-compatible devices, such as keyboards and drum machines. It also has built-in chases, allowing you to save and replay your lighting programs with ease. With its rugged construction and compact design, the Scene Setter 24 is ideal for portable applications.

Technology Used:
The ADJ Scene Setter 24 uses advanced DMX technology to communicate with your lighting equipment, allowing you to control the intensity, color, and movement of your lights. It features an LCD display that makes it easy to program and edit your lighting scenes. The console is compatible with most DMX fixtures, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a versatile and reliable lighting controller.

In conclusion, the ADJ Scene Setter 24 is a versatile, powerful, and user-friendly DMX controller that provides advanced lighting control options for beginners and professionals alike. With its intuitive controls, built-in chases, and MIDI compatibility, it is an essential tool for creating unforgettable lighting shows in various settings.

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ADJ Scene Setter 24