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  • StageMaxX 12Ma features a 12” B&C loudspeaker custom made for FBT and coaxially mounted with a B&C 1” exit throat compression driver.
  • The coaxial configuration allows perfect alignment of the acoustic centers of the transducers, guaranteeing symmetry of dispersion and improving the focus of the stereo image in Left-Right configuration.
  • Bi-amplification design with high dynamic Class D amplifiers delivering 400W + 100W RMS through a switch-mode power supply.
  • Digital Signal Processor with 4 factory equalization presets provides simple and efficient EQ adjustment to optimize the acoustical response for different applications.
  • The FOH preset allows the use of suspended installation as well as ‘drum fill’ applications.
  • StageMaxX features two lateral M10 rigging points and a wall mounting bracket for different applications (optional accessories).
  • 3 frontal status LED indicators to control the ON-OFF limiter and protection state.
  • Three ergonomic integrated carrying handles, one frontally placed to easily drag and move the monitor on stage and the replaceable Teflon feet ensure sliding on stage with minimal wear.
  • The cabinet has 35° or 55° tilted front panel for an optimal listening distance for a single user (35°) or for more users (55°).?
The 4 presets are:
  •  ORIGINAL: is the typical “MaxX” sound adapted to the “STAGE” application
  •  HI-CUT / DRUM FILL: provides less mid-high for comfortable listening in near-field at a high level
  •  LO-CUT / DOUBLE: provides less low frequency for better intelligibility and for optimal coupling in a stereo configuration
  •  FOH: Front Of House use in suspended or pole-mount installations
400W + 100W RMS – 130dB SPL
  •  2-way, bi-amplified, bass reflex design cabinet
  •  Coaxial custom FBT 12” B&C speakers with 64mm (2.5”) voice coil
  • B&C 25mm (1”) exit throat compression driver and 44mm (1.7”) voice coil
  • Bi-amp: high dynamic Class D amplifiers 400W+100W RMS to provide a pleasant sound even at loud volume
  • High-efficiency switch mode power supply
  •  Digital Signal Processor with 4 factory equalization presets
  • Control Panel: XLR/Jack input and XLR link out, Volume, 4 Presets, HP Filter, 3 frontal status LED indicators
  • 90° directivity horn
  • Proprietary filtered algorithms, dynamic equalization at low frequencies, advanced energy control allows an high SPL while granting reliable and distortion-free audio reproduction with high headroom
  • Sturdy gas-injected polypropylene molded enclosures to avoid undesired resonance
  • Weather-resistant coating under the grill to protect the driver and the speaker
  •  High SPL in a compact size monitor
  •  35° or 55° tilted front panel for an optimal listening distance for single or multiple users
  • Three ergonomic integrated carrying handles, two M10 rigging points
  •  Teflon replaceable feet allow easy use on stage

FBT’s new StageMaxX 12Ma has been inspired by the need to have a product specifically designed and engineered for used as a stage monitor, overcoming all these compromises for a full user satisfaction
The FBT STAGEMAXX 12MA is a high-performance stage monitor designed to deliver clear, powerful sound for musicians, bands, and DJs. With its versatile features and durable construction, this powered speaker is perfect for live sound applications, from small gigs to large concerts.

Use Cases:
The FBT STAGEMAXX 12MA is an ideal choice for musicians and bands who need a reliable, high-quality stage monitor for live performances. With its powerful amplifier and high-quality loudspeaker, this monitor delivers clear, crisp sound that allows performers to hear themselves and their fellow musicians with exceptional clarity. DJs will also appreciate the STAGEMAXX 12MA’s versatility and portability, making it an excellent choice for a variety of settings, from club gigs to outdoor events.

The FBT STAGEMAXX 12MA features a 12-inch coaxial speaker with a 1-inch compression driver, powered by a 700W Class D amplifier. With a frequency response range of 45Hz-20kHz, this speaker delivers exceptional clarity and accuracy across a wide range of frequencies. The STAGEMAXX 12MA also includes a variety of connectivity options, including XLR and RCA inputs and outputs, as well as a USB port for playback from a USB drive.

Technology Used:
The FBT STAGEMAXX 12MA uses advanced coaxial speaker technology to deliver clear, powerful sound with exceptional accuracy and clarity. The speaker’s 1-inch compression driver is precisely aligned with the 12-inch woofer, ensuring that the sound waves emanate from the same point, resulting in consistent coverage and exceptional sound quality throughout the listening area. The Class D amplifier provides plenty of power while remaining energy-efficient, making the STAGEMAXX 12MA an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In summary, the FBT STAGEMAXX 12MA is a versatile and powerful stage monitor that delivers exceptional sound quality, portability, and durability. With its advanced coaxial speaker technology, powerful amplifier, and a variety of connectivity options, this monitor is an excellent choice for musicians, bands, and DJs who demand the best in live sound performance.


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