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Introducing the Grassi Clarinet (Boehm System, 17 Keys) – GR CL100MKII, the perfect blend of affordability and quality. Designed with students and intermediate players in mind, this Bb clarinet boasts a rich, warm tone and a sturdy construction that is built to last.

Use Cases:
The Grassi Clarinet is ideal for students and intermediate players looking for a reliable instrument for school band, orchestra, and jazz music. With a responsive key action and an adjustable thumb rest, this clarinet provides a comfortable playing experience for long practice sessions and performances.

The Grassi Clarinet features a Boehm System with 17 keys and 6 rings, allowing for precise fingerings and a wide range of notes. The body is made of high-quality grenadilla wood, which gives it a rich and warm tone. The silver-plated keys provide a smooth and durable surface that resists wear and tear. The clarinet also includes an adjustable thumb rest, allowing players to customize their playing position for comfort and ergonomics. This clarinet comes with a hardshell case for safe storage and transportation.

Technology Used:
The Grassi Clarinet features advanced technology that allows for precise tuning and accurate intonation. The silver-plated keys and the adjustable thumb rest provide a comfortable and reliable playing experience. The grenadilla wood body gives the clarinet a warm and resonant tone that is characteristic of high-quality instruments. The Boehm System with 17 keys and 6 rings provides a wide range of notes and precise fingerings.

Whether you are a student or an intermediate player, the Grassi Clarinet (Boehm System, 17 Keys) – GR CL100MKII is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an affordable and high-quality instrument. With a 1-year warranty and a hardshell case included, you can be confident that your investment will last for years to come.

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Grassi Clarinet (Boehm Systems, 17 Keys)- GR CL100MKII