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The Proel PowerCon (Out) is a power connector that offers reliable and secure power distribution. This product is commonly used in professional audio and video equipment, lighting systems, and other applications that require a stable power supply. The PowerCon (Out) is designed to provide a safe and efficient power outlet for your equipment, and is ideal for use in live performances, studio recording, and other demanding environments.

The Proel PowerCon (Out) is a high-quality power connector with a maximum current rating of 20 Amps and a maximum voltage rating of 250V. It features a durable plastic housing and silver-plated contacts for excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance. The PowerCon (Out) is compatible with the PowerCon (In) connector, allowing for easy power distribution and connection. The product dimensions are 76mm x 68mm x 53mm, and it weighs 120g.

Technology Used:
The Proel PowerCon (Out) features a locking mechanism that ensures a secure and stable connection, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection or power failure. The connector is designed to meet international safety standards and is certified by the CE and RoHS, ensuring that it is safe to use and complies with environmental regulations.

Where to Buy:
The Proel PowerCon (Out) is available for purchase on, and can also be found at our online Show Gear Instrument stores in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, as well as our Namibia office. For more information on this product or to find a local dealer, please visit our website. With the Proel PowerCon (Out), you can be sure that your equipment will receive a reliable and safe power supply, no matter where you are using it.


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