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For pro expression control in a compact package, there?s no better choice than the BOSS EV-30. Its small footprint is perfectly suited for cramped pedalboards, while the die-cast aluminum chassis offers a rock-solid foundation and BOSS?s famous rugged reliability.The Roland Dual Expression Pedal (EV-30) is a versatile foot controller for MIDI keyboards, guitar effects pedals, and other MIDI-controllable devices. With two expression pedals in one unit, the EV-30 lets you control two parameters simultaneously, such as volume and tone, or two effects pedals at once.

Use Cases:
The Roland Dual Expression Pedal is designed for musicians who want to have more control over their sound in real-time. With the EV-30, you can adjust the volume, tone, or effects of your keyboard or guitar without taking your hands off the instrument. This is particularly useful in live performances when you need to make quick adjustments to your sound.

The EV-30 is built with high-quality materials and features two separate expression pedals that can be used independently or together. The pedals have a smooth and responsive feel, and can be adjusted to suit your playing style. The EV-30 also has a polarity switch that allows you to change the direction of the pedal’s output, making it compatible with a wide range of devices.

Technology Used:
The EV-30 uses a high-resolution pedal mechanism that ensures precise and accurate control over your sound. The pedals are equipped with Roland’s “Smooth Control” technology, which provides a fluid and natural feel. The EV-30 is also built with robust metal construction that ensures durability and longevity.

Whether you’re a keyboard player looking to add more expression to your playing or a guitarist who wants to control multiple effects pedals with one unit, the Roland Dual Expression Pedal (EV-30) is an excellent choice. With its intuitive design, high-quality construction, and advanced features, the EV-30 is a must-have tool for any musician looking to take their performance to the next level.

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Roland Dual Expression Pedal (EV-30)