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Shure A58WS Microphone Windscreen

Shure microphone accessory model A58WS-BLK
The Shure A58WS Windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to reduce unwanted breath and wind noise without affecting the sound quality
It is particularly effective in reducing pops and ticks caused by talking or singing closely into the microphone as well as reducing wind noise when using the microphones in outdoor applications
For use with all larger Shure ball-type microphones including the SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones
Available in 6 colors (including black, blue, gray, green, red and yellow) to easily identify mic channels from a distance when using multiple microphones on stag


The Shure A58WS Microphone Windscreen is designed to provide reliable wind and pop noise reduction for a variety of vocal and instrumental applications. It is ideal for use in outdoor and indoor recording environments, as well as live performances.

For vocal applications, the A58WS windscreen reduces unwanted wind noise and plosives, allowing you to capture clear and natural vocals. It also provides an added layer of protection for your microphone, helping to prolong its lifespan.

For instrumental applications, the A58WS windscreen can be used to reduce wind noise and vibration when recording or performing with wind instruments, such as flutes and saxophones. It can also be used to protect the microphone from dust and moisture.


Designed to fit a variety of Shure microphones, including the SM58, Beta 58A, and SM48
Made of high-quality foam material for optimal wind and pop noise reduction
Dimensions: 2.375″ x 2.1875″ (60mm x 55mm)
Weight: 0.4 oz (11g)
Technology used:
The Shure A58WS Microphone Windscreen uses a high-quality foam material to provide optimal wind and pop noise reduction. The foam material is designed to absorb unwanted noise and vibrations, while still allowing for clear and natural sound reproduction.

The windscreen is specifically designed to fit a variety of Shure microphones, including the popular SM58 and Beta 58A models. This ensures that you can use the windscreen with a microphone that you may already own, without needing to purchase a new microphone or windscreen.

The A58WS windscreen is easy to install and remove, making it a convenient accessory to have on hand for any recording or performance situation. It is also lightweight and durable, making it a reliable addition to your microphone setup.

Overall, the Shure A58WS Microphone Windscreen is an essential accessory for anyone who needs to capture clear and natural sound in a variety of recording and performance situations. Its high-quality foam material, convenient size, and compatibility with a variety of Shure microphones make it a valuable addition to any audio setup.

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Shure A58WS Microphone Windscreen