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Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone

Supercardioid polar pattern specifically targets the sound source consistently with greatly minimized bleed from off-axis sound sources
Tailored for superior transient response from a low-mass, 1? externally-biased, ultra-thin 24 Karat gold-layered Mylar? diaphragm
Flat, neutral frequency response for natural reproduction on stage or in the studio
3-position switchable low-frequency filter helps reduce unwanted background noise or counteract proximity effect for consistent, extended lowend
-15 dB switchable attenuator handles extremely high SPLs with ease
Premium electronic components and gold-plated internal and external connectors
Internal pop filter with three separate mesh layers reduces wind and breath noise.
1 – A32M ShureLock? Black S


The BETA?27 side-address condenser microphone is precision engineered for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording applications. Its flat frequency response and low self-noise provide unerring performance in demanding environments. A tight supercardioid pattern ensures high gain-before-feedback and maximum isolation from other sound sources.

The Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone: Your Ultimate Solution for High-Quality Sound Capture

When it comes to capturing sound for your instruments, you want nothing but the best quality. And that’s where the Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone comes in. This microphone is a game-changer, offering exceptional sound capture capabilities that make it the ideal choice for professional musicians and sound engineers.

Unmatched Sound Clarity and Detail

With a frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the Shure BETA 27 captures every nuance and detail of your instrument’s sound. Whether you’re recording in a studio or performing live on stage, this microphone delivers crystal-clear sound that is true to the original source.

Superior Directionality for Optimal Sound Isolation

The Shure BETA 27’s supercardioid polar pattern ensures optimal sound isolation, allowing you to capture only the sound you want without any unwanted noise or feedback. This feature is particularly useful when performing in loud environments or when recording in noisy surroundings.

Robust and Durable Build

The Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone is built to last. With a rugged construction and a steel mesh grille, this microphone is designed to withstand the rigors of touring and frequent use. It also features a shock mount system that minimizes handling noise, ensuring that your recordings are free from any unwanted vibrations or noise.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Whether you’re a professional sound engineer or a beginner musician, the Shure BETA 27 is easy to use and versatile. It comes with a stand adapter and a carrying case for easy transport and storage. The microphone also features a low-frequency roll-off switch, which reduces rumble and other low-frequency noise, making it ideal for recording bass-heavy instruments.

Unbeatable Value for Money

Despite its exceptional sound quality and durability, the Shure BETA 27 is surprisingly affordable. It is a great value for money investment for anyone who needs a high-quality instrument microphone that delivers professional-grade sound capture capabilities.

In conclusion, the Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone is a must-have for any serious musician or sound engineer. With its unmatched sound clarity and detail, superior directionality, robust and durable build, versatility, and unbeatable value for money, this microphone is an investment that will pay off in spades.

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Shure BETA 27 Instrument Microphone