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Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver

Four receivers in a rugged 1RU metal chassis with internal power supply
Individual gain controls, LED meters, and XLR outputs for each channel
Up to 64 MHz tuning range (region dependent)
Digital predictive switching diversity
High Density mode optimizes ULX-D systems to simultaneously operate significantly more channels in applications up to 30 meters
RF cascade ports allow distribution of RF signal to another unit
Optimized scanning automatically finds, prioritizes, and deploys the cleanest frequencies to transmitters over IR sync
Bodypack frequency diversity ensures uninterrupted audio for mission-critical applications
AES 256-bit encryption-enabled for secure transmission
Audio summing routes two or more audio channels to combinations of receiver outputs. Use each channel?s gain adjustment to reach the desired mix.
Dante? digital networked audio over Ethernet
Ethernet networking for streamlined frequency coordination and deployment across multiple receivers
Interference detection and alerts provided on both the receiver and WWB6
Up to 60 dB independently adjustable gain for each channel
Wireless Workbench? 6 (WWB6) software integration for advanced coordination, monitoring, and control
AMX/Crestron? control
Compatible with the AXT600 Axient? Spectrum Manager
Yamaha? device ID allows simplified channel patching on CL consoles
Intuitive front panel LCD menu and controls with lockout feature
Upgraded LCD with adjustable contrast and brightness
Audio and RF LED meters with peak indicator
Switchable mic/line output level
Remoteable ? wave antennas


The Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver is a professional-grade wireless audio system designed for live events, performances, and presentations. This receiver is perfect for users who require a high-quality wireless system that can handle multiple microphones and deliver pristine audio quality.

Use cases:
The Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver is suitable for a wide range of applications, from live performances to corporate events. It is perfect for musicians, public speakers, and presenters who require a reliable and flexible wireless system. This receiver is also great for theater productions, conferences, and houses of worship.

The Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver features a sleek and rugged design that is built to last. It can handle up to four wireless microphones simultaneously, providing users with the flexibility they need to capture every moment. The receiver operates in the UHF frequency band and offers a wide tuning range of up to 72 MHz. The system also features advanced digital signal processing technology that ensures crystal-clear audio quality.

Technology used:
The Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver features advanced digital signal processing technology that delivers unparalleled audio quality. The system uses proprietary Audio Reference Companding technology, which provides a wider dynamic range and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. This technology also minimizes interference and eliminates dropouts, ensuring that the audio remains crystal-clear at all times.

In addition to its advanced processing technology, the Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver also features a range of other innovative features. These include automatic frequency scanning, which automatically identifies the best available frequencies, and remote control capabilities that allow users to adjust the settings and monitor the system from a distance. The receiver also features a backlit LCD screen that provides real-time information on the system’s status, including signal strength and battery life.

In conclusion, the Shure Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver is a high-quality and versatile wireless audio system that delivers exceptional audio quality and reliability. With its advanced processing technology and innovative features, this receiver is the perfect choice for musicians, public speakers, and presenters who demand the best.


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