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Shure UA864 Wall-Mounted Wideband Antenna

Up to 100 degrees coverage pattern (3dB beam width, region dependent)
Four-position RF gain switch with pad/boost (-20, -10, 0, +10 dB)
Attached BNC cable for surface or through-wall cable routing options
Low-profile design
Metal surface mounting capability
Neutral white, paintable housing


The Shure UA864 is a wall-mounted wideband antenna designed for use with wireless microphone systems. It provides a directional antenna for improved reception in indoor and outdoor environments. The low profile design allows for discreet installation, and the adjustable gain ensures optimal signal strength for your system.

Frequency Response:
The UA864 has a wide frequency range of 470-698 MHz, which covers most wireless microphone systems. This wideband feature ensures that the antenna can be used in multiple countries and regions, making it a versatile option for touring and event productions.

Directional Antenna:
The directional antenna of the UA864 provides improved reception in environments with high levels of RF interference. It can be mounted to a wall or other surface to provide a clear line of sight to your wireless microphone system.

Indoor/Outdoor Use:
The UA864 is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for use in conference rooms, auditoriums, and outdoor events. The antenna is weather-resistant and can withstand harsh conditions, ensuring that your wireless microphone system remains reliable in any environment.

Diversity Reception:
The UA864 features a diversity reception system, which helps to prevent signal dropouts and interference. The antenna has two input connectors, which allows it to receive signals from two separate antennas simultaneously. This feature ensures that your wireless microphone system remains reliable, even in challenging environments.

Adjustable Gain:
The UA864 features an adjustable gain control, which allows you to optimize the signal strength of your wireless microphone system. This feature ensures that you can achieve the best possible signal strength for your system, even in challenging environments.

BNC Connector:
The UA864 is equipped with a BNC connector, which makes it easy to connect to your wireless microphone system. The connector is compatible with most wireless microphone systems, ensuring that the UA864 can be used with a wide range of equipment.

In conclusion, the Shure UA864 wall-mounted wideband antenna is a reliable and versatile option for wireless microphone systems. Its wide frequency range, directional antenna, diversity reception, adjustable gain, and compatibility with most wireless microphone systems make it a valuable addition to any production setup.

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Shure UA864 Wall-Mounted Wideband Antenna