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Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4

Top:- Laminate
Bottom and Sides:- Linden
Fingerboard and
Pegs:- Pear
Talpiece:- Metal, with 4 mini-tuner
Padded Black Bag


The Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4 is a beautifully crafted and affordable cello designed to provide students and beginners with an excellent starting point for their musical journey. This instrument is handcrafted from high-quality materials to produce a warm, resonant tone that is sure to inspire and impress.

Use Cases:
The Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4 is perfect for students and beginners who are just starting to learn the cello. It is an ideal instrument for those who want to experience the beauty and depth of classical music and orchestral performance. With its easy playability and excellent sound quality, the Vox Meister Cello is also suitable for ensemble playing and solo performances.

The Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4 is a full-sized cello, measuring approximately 48 inches in length. It features an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece, as well as a maple back, neck, and sides. The top of the cello is made from high-quality spruce wood, which helps to produce the instrument’s rich, warm tone. The cello is also lightweight, making it easy to handle and play for extended periods.

Technology Used:
The Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4 is crafted using traditional methods and high-quality materials, including ebony fittings and spruce wood for the top. The instrument features an arched back and a carefully crafted sound post, which work together to produce a warm and resonant tone. The cello also comes with a bow and a soft case for easy transport and storage.

Key Features:

Full-size cello with a warm, resonant tone
Handcrafted from high-quality materials, including spruce wood and ebony fittings
Lightweight and easy to handle
Comes with a bow and a soft case for transport and storage
Whether you’re just starting to learn the cello or you’re looking for an affordable instrument to practice and perform with, the Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4 is an excellent choice. With its high-quality craftsmanship, beautiful sound, and easy playability, this cello is sure to provide you with years of musical enjoyment and inspiration.

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Vox Meister Cello Series Basic 4/4