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Shure MX415 38.1 cm Gooseneck Microphone

Available in 5? (12.7 cm), 10? (25.4 cm), and 15? (38.1 cm) lengths
Cardioid and supercardioid polar patterns
Bi-color status indicator or single color light ring
Programmable mute switch (desktop models only)
Logic input/output for remote LED and mute control
Surface-mount and wired or wireless desktop base options
CommShield? Technology for improved RF filtering


The Shure MX415 38.1 cm Gooseneck Microphone is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and reliable microphone for a wide range of applications. With its flexible gooseneck design, this directional cardioid microphone can be easily positioned to capture sound with precision and clarity.

Use cases:
The MX415 is a popular choice for conference rooms, meeting halls, and lecture halls, where speech reinforcement is needed. Its low profile design and flexible gooseneck allow it to be easily mounted on a lectern or podium, making it an ideal choice for public speaking engagements. It’s also great for use on stage, as its cardioid pickup pattern helps reduce unwanted background noise and feedback.

The MX415 features a balanced output, making it compatible with a variety of audio systems. It requires phantom power, which can be provided by most mixers or preamps. The microphone’s low profile design and detachable capsule make it easy to transport and store when not in use. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures that sound is captured primarily from the front of the microphone, reducing background noise and feedback. The MX415 is 38.1 cm (15 inches) in length and has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 17 kHz.

Technology used:
The MX415 uses a condenser microphone element to capture sound, providing a clear and detailed audio signal. Its gooseneck design allows for easy positioning of the microphone, ensuring that it can be placed in the optimal location for capturing sound. The microphone’s balanced output ensures that it can be connected to a variety of audio systems without the need for additional hardware.

In summary, the Shure MX415 38.1 cm Gooseneck Microphone is a reliable and versatile microphone that is perfect for a variety of applications. Its low profile design, cardioid polar pattern, and flexible gooseneck make it an ideal choice for conference rooms, meeting halls, and lecture halls, while its clear and detailed audio signal make it a popular choice for use on stage.

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Shure MX415 38.1 cm Gooseneck Microphone