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The Shure SV200 Vocal Microphone is an affordable, entry-level microphone that provides clear, natural sound reproduction for vocal performances, presentations, interviews, and podcasting. With a dynamic cardioid polar pattern, the SV200 microphone reduces feedback and background noise, making it an ideal choice for live performances on stage or in a studio setting.

The SV200 features an on/off switch, allowing for easy control of audio output. Its XLR connector ensures a secure, reliable connection to your audio interface or mixer, ensuring a consistent sound quality every time you use it. The microphone is designed to be held by hand, making it a great choice for performers or presenters who like to move around on stage or during presentations.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the Shure SV200 Vocal Microphone is a versatile choice that can handle a variety of applications. It’s a great choice for karaoke, speeches, and home recording, as well as live performances and interviews. The microphone’s budget-friendly price point makes it an ideal choice for those who are just starting out or need a reliable backup microphone.

Technical specifications for the Shure SV200 include a frequency response range of 50Hz to 15kHz, a sensitivity of -52dBV/Pa, and a maximum SPL of 147dB. Its dynamic cardioid polar pattern ensures that it picks up sound from the front of the microphone while minimizing noise from the sides and rear.

The Shure SV200 Vocal Microphone is a dependable and versatile option that delivers clear, high-quality sound reproduction at an affordable price point. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a budget-friendly, entry-level microphone for a variety of vocal applications.

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Shure SV200 Vocal Microphone