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Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C

Process up to hundreds of plugins in super-low latency;
Includes all the main components needed for a SoundGrid network;
DiGiGrid MGB coaxial audio interface, compatible with any MADI-enabled console and most DAWs;
Powerful SoundGrid Extreme Server;
Complete redundancy & recovery capabilities;
Includes five must-have plugins for live mixing: Renaissance Axx, Renaissance Compressor, Renaissance EQ, IR-Live Reverb, and H-Delay


The powerful solution for processing, recording and virtual sound checking with any coaxial MADI-enabled live mixing console. Includes a SoundGrid Extreme server, a DiGiGrid MGB coaxial MADI-to-SoundGrid interface, a network switch, Cat 6 network cables, the MultiRack SoundGrid plugin host for running plugins on your console, and 5 essential audio plugins for live mixing.
The Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C is a powerful audio processing unit that provides real-time processing for high channel count live sound and studio productions. With 64 channels of I/O, this server can handle even the most demanding audio processing tasks with ease.

Use Cases:
The Soundgrid Extreme Server -C is perfect for live sound reinforcement applications, such as concerts, festivals, and corporate events. Its low-latency processing capabilities ensure that audio signals are processed quickly and accurately, without any noticeable delay. Additionally, it can also be used in studio environments for audio mixing, mastering, and effects processing.

The Soundgrid Extreme Server -C features a high channel count of 64 I/O channels, making it suitable for even the most complex audio productions. It also features a powerful Intel i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, ensuring that it can handle even the most resource-intensive audio processing tasks. Additionally, it includes a range of connectivity options, including dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, a USB 3.0 port, and an HDMI port.

Technology Used:
The Soundgrid Extreme Server -C is built on Waves’ Soundgrid platform, which provides low-latency audio processing and networking capabilities for professional audio productions. It also features support for Waves plugins, allowing users to take advantage of Waves’ extensive library of audio processing plugins.

In summary, the Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C is a powerful audio processing unit that is perfect for live sound reinforcement and studio productions. With its high channel count, low-latency processing capabilities, and support for Waves plugins, it’s a versatile and powerful tool for any audio production professional.

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Waves Soundgrid Extreme Server -C